Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Favorite Tarot!

I am a collector of Tarot decks - I have MANY... and each one speaks to me with it's own unique voice.... but there is one deck above them all that has my heart - over the years it has become my best friend and has shared the most intimate secrets with me so that I am able to help you achieve your success.

I love this deck so much that I have 7 iterations of it, and one of them I purchased in Hong Kong! It has traveled the world with me!

I'm not naming names, but if you look back over many of my witch pictures, you will be able to see my little buddies in quite a few of them. I hope to be able to use them in the book that I have been writing about the Tarot (of course I have been writing it slowly, because I had hoped to be publishing it long before now!) But they were the cards that told me I was supposed to write the book in the first place!

I would really appreciate hearing about your experience with the Tarot - do you have a favorite deck? A favorite card?

I hope you will join me on this Tarot Adventure!

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