Monday, June 12, 2017

When No One is Looking

Who are you when no one is looking?  Do you even know?

We all put on different social masks to help us cope and get through certain situations in life.  And we do this also because we want people to perceive us to be a certain way.  Sometimes we are so good a wearing this mask, we forget who we truly are... and in our weakest moments our true self comes through... sometimes we are amazing... sometimes we are terrible people.

I recently was having talk with my son about this very thing, and it made me think... I haven't blogged in a while, this would be a good topic for thought.

I joke about putting on my "LoonWitch Hat" when I need to be out in public and in situations that make me feel nervous... because actually, I am kinda shy.  You'd never know it to meet me, because I put on that social mask to get me through the day when I have to be social with people.  But I often prefer my own company... or to just be in nature.

When you are faced with a choice of doing something, how is that decision made?  Do you choose the way that is right for the highest and best good of all involved?  Do you choose the way that is right exclusively for you?  Do you choose the way that will make you "look good" in the eyes of others around you?  Are you aware of why you are making the choice?

The best choice is the one that you can live with, the one that makes you feel safe, good, happy.  That is always the best choice.  Choosing for any other reason often leads to co-dependent behavior.  Don't create false expectations around who you are.  Be true to yourself.  That is the best example to set.

Love should always be free and unconditional.  But you must love yourself first if you are to love others.