Saturday, October 25, 2014

Village Witch Service

On my business card, one of the services I offer is called "Village Witch Service".  I get a lot of questions about this, people often remark about this and ask what is a village witch service?  I think that is a great question!

In today's hustle and bustle society we often take for granted the natural world that is around us.  And it is that natural world, and the tradition of witchcraft that my village witch service stems from.  I create charms, mojo bags, crystal grids, divination tools and other items that are available for purchase.  In addition, I will sit and consult with you about how to use magic in your life to attract the right energy to a situation.  I will help you understand how spells work, and will even create and cast a spell with you. 

When it comes to spell work, I believe that you should participate in the working - it is your intention not mine, and it is that raw energy needed for the best outcome.

If we can't be together, I will send a video to you with detailed and visual instructions on how the spell is to work.  I have had great success with people working spells this way.  and I believe in each of you, and your ability to manifest exactly what you need into your life!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy Witch!

I couldn't be happier to say that I gave been a very busy witch the last few months.   I feel productive knowing that I am booked nearly every weekend until 2015 with an event! 

This is causing me to focus my intention on what I really want to create for the LoonWitch.  You have often seen me write that I want to be the LoonWitch full time,  and I realize that I have achieved that goal.  I am the LoonWitch,  always.  Now it is time to build that business into a financially stable endeavor. 

I am usually selective about what events I sign up to be at.  I have been testing events outside my comfort zone for a year,  and plan on keeping that going.

Now settled into my office location in New Bedford, MA, I will be working on growing that portion of my business to sustain me so I am able to transition into independence.