Monday, November 30, 2015

The Attitude of Gratitude

Here in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November- some say it is to honor the peaceful meal shared between some of the early settlers of the Plimoth colony and the Native Americans of the area.  Of course, having grown up in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, I have been often to Plimoth Plantation (a living history site for visiting the Pilgrim settlers), and once I even participated in their "Eat Like a Pilgrim" event where you can learn some interesting facts about history, table manners, and what these folks may have actually eaten at the "first Thanksgiving".  It's quite interesting, and the food is delicious, so if you find yourself looking to visit America's Hometown (now spelled Plymouth), this is a must do!

Now, gratitude seems to be "a thing" lately - people are urging others to practice gratitude every day.  Like Alice's Restaurant (when sung by 50 people a day, with feeling, when it comes around again on the guitar) is a movement; the practice of gratitude seems to be becoming a movement.  There are many Facebook posts - people challenging each other to post what they are grateful for for a specified number of days - or to post a certain number of things they are grateful for each day for so many days.... there are gratitude journals, and last year I noticed that Lululemon was giving away free note-cards for their customers to send a note of gratitude to someone.... That is all very very nice.  In fact, I took a few, and sent even more than what I took - but then again, if you know me, you know that I write notes of love and gratitude as a regular practice... no prompting needed.


Shouldn't we be grateful every day?  Of course we should.  I'm not saying that people shouldn't be shouting from the rooftops, or posting in caps on FB, Twitter, etc or even blogging about it (conspiratorial wink inserted here)... I do think that we shouldn't wait until one holiday a year.... and I hope it is a part of your daily life.  Why not make it a daily tradition... let the gratitude envelope you and surround you with it's comforting warmth.  Know that you are loved and that obstacles are just the universe's way of saying - "hey, you could do better".  Be kind to yourself, and be kind to each other.

I believe in you.

For those who have never experienced the blessing of Arlo Guthrie - enjoy this; a family Thanksgiving tradition for 25 years in my house - plays on the local radio at noon - we all tune in and sing along.  Alice's Restuarant - A Thanksgiving Tradition

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