Thursday, February 13, 2014

Selling Yourself - Lessons in Self Confidence

What is the difference between self confidence and having a "big ego"?

When people ask me about my skills, I am not always comfortable blowing my own horn.  With a devil-may-care attitude I may say that I am the best, but I often have a hard time "selling myself". 

Friends and clients tell me that I don't charge enough for my services.  But I charge what I am comfortable charging - and that should always be my decision.  Does a high price point mean that I am more psychic than others?  Absolutely not - it just may mean that I have better marketing skills - or really good PR people.

I have been psychic my whole life.  And I feel that I have nothing to prove to anyone else.  I continue to grow and evolve my skills, and I continue to work with clients who are more often than not, pleased with the results of their time with me.

Recently, a friend of mine revamped my website.  She has done an amazing job!  It looks great!  And I am sure that this will be a good selling point in marketing myself.  I have re-worked my business card so they reflect my personality a little more, and have begun to "sell" myself more on the internet - using such agents as facebook, twitter, thumbtack, eventbrite, and linkedin to help promote me.  I have so many blessings of good friends, and good clients who want me to be as successful as I would dare to become.

This is the next leg in the journey for me to embrace my passion more fully than I have ever allowed myself.  I thank you all for your kind and encouraging words which help me to learn to be more confident in selling the LoonWitch.  I am inspired by your feedback as always!

One of the hardest lessons I have learned is how to take a compliment.  I am learning to just say Thank You when someone compliments me on my abilities instead of shying away from the compliment. 

Although many say that there can be no room for the ego in a successful spiritual path, I believe that when you are creating a career around your spiritual path, you need to have a healthy ego.  Being self employed means that you have to be confident, and that does take ego.  But learning to temper and keep yourself well balanced often proves to be a larger challenge as success comes closer.

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