Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Business or Pleasure...

For those who know me, you know that I have a full time corporate job, which I enjoy greatly, and I am also a full time psychic & witch, which I am very passionate about.  In fact, I never leave home without my witches hat on.  (figuratively - please don't look for me actually wearing a pointy hat - I have enough trouble just wearing a winter hat or a hood).  I am also a mom, which obviously is my first priority in life.  In addition to these things, I volunteer my time in community service, am a spiritual leader in my community, and do my best to have some time for my hobbies and social activity.  People often ask me how I manage it all...

Do I manage it all?

Well, yes, I do.  And I do it by asking myself what is the most important thing for me to be doing in this moment?  I am always busy - on the go - but I rarely feel that I am rushing around.  And sometimes I wonder what would happen to me if I just stopped being on the go... the answer is, I would be extremely bored, and would become depressed and complacent about every area in my life.  I am not built to sit still.  My mind is always moving even if my body is at rest.

But how do I prioritize things?  Well, I am very blesesd to say that everything in my life that is a business, is also my pleasure.  The lines between the two are very blurred.  In my corporate job, I work with a great team of people who I think of as friends, and we all work hard, travel together on business trips, and share each others joys and sorrows.  It is an ideal environment where I can be creative, and have structure all at the same time.  I have learned over my 20+ years in the industry how to set reasonable goals for myself.  This helps me in all of my endeavors.

So like every other responsible adult, I get my bills paid as expediently as I can (some months are better than others), and then I look to my dreams and aspirations to reaching the next goal.

The LoonWitch Business is amazing - it always has been - I truly love doing readings for people, and watching them when I tell them something I would have no business knowing if I weren't psychic... I love teaching people about the tarot, aura photography, runes, witchcraft, crystals and reiki... I love seeing their faces light up when they do a spell for the first time and it works for them - because often, only a little part of you believes that it will - that little 5 year old still inside saying "this is so cool, i hope it works"... and when it does, there is almost nothing better to see the expression on the face of the person who just realized that they ARE magic, and they ARE psychic... and there IS something out there, intangible, and amazing called intention, that only needs a little push in the right direction to make you feel empowered.

I am so blessed to be walking this path, to be loved for who I am, and to love myself for who I am.  I am blessed that I am able to balance the needs of work and responsibilities with the passion for life that is always burning inside me.

I have heard the saying - if you don't love what you are doing, why are you doing it - and I have to say - I love everything that I do... and I love the people that I do it with.  As my five year plan continues to develop, I welcome the transition that this will bring - even though I know this will also bring stress and anxiety, it will bring new opportunities that today I can only imagine.

If you are wondering how you can achieve this joy about your life and work, contact me for spiritual counseling.  If you are truly ready to embrace your life, you can see the blessings you already have, and expand your horizons as far and wide as your imagination will allow.

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