Saturday, September 15, 2018

September's Blessings

Greetings to all who read my blog...

I am so blessed each day of my life.  I sometimes want to just shout from all the rooftops THANK YOU!  Don't worry, like everyone, I have my dark days too... and on those days, even knowing that the blessings surround me, it is sometimes hard to get moving and feel optimistic.

Do you struggle with things in your life?  Of course you do - we all do!  And it is not for anyone to judge another's struggle.  We should love each other, we should emotionally and spiritually support each other whenever we can.

I took some time off from social media; and stopped checking it daily - instead, I check it weekly.  And you know, I feel better.  So much better.  I am going to keep that practice going... because it feels good to me.

Now, what I really wanted to tell you about was how, while walking the dog a few nights ago... it had rained quite a bit... all of a sudden there were so many scents in the air.... the earthy smell of the forest after a rain... and the clean smell of the newly wet leaves.... the scent of a skunk who had ambled by some time before, and the scent of some other animals that were not too far off from where we were.  I was overwhelmed by the sensation of it all.  And then, as if that weren't enough - the OWLS have come back to the woods... I am sure they never really left, but the days are getting shorter, and they are more active when I am awake now, so I hear them more... there is something about the cool night air that carries their call farther... we have a pair of them that hunt together who-who-ing back and forth to each other... and on this particular night, I also heard a new voice... a smaller owl with a high pitched call that made me stop and listen.  I love to walk in the woods at night, the dog is my constant companion - he protects me from the animals by making sure they all know we are coming...

I have taken my drum out into the woods at night to drum with the owls.  I don't know if they care or not, but it makes me feel peaceful to drum quietly and sing while listening to the calls of the night birds and to occasionally see bright eyes shining through the woods at me.  It somehow reminds me of the blessings that I always know are there, but sometimes forget to acknowledge.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Living life as an example....

One of the tenets of my belief is that "you" live your life as an example to others.  What does this mean?  Well, no one is perfect, and we are all human beings.... in that we are small, and flawed.  We should be humble by the greater forces around us. (And I don't mean the government or churches).  I mean Mother Nature, and the intangible unseen forces of the greater universe around us.

I believe that I do live a life as an example to others - not always the best example; I suppose it depends on the day and the context of what I am up to.  But today, for this post, I want to talk about being "in service" to others.  I hear this a lot... and recently I was questioned about it (in an interesting way) and that made me decide to create this post.... but I digress.

What does it mean to be in service?  Well, for me it means that I will volunteer myself to help out a cause that I believe in, or share a skill that I have to help someone who needs it.  One can't make a living continually volunteering all the time, so of course there are times when I volunteer and times when I get paid, and other times when barter may be appropriate.

I could not in good conscience ask someone to volunteer for something that I am not willing to do myself; and I am happy to admit that I never have.  I am also someone who encourages people to value their time and energy, and when appropriate, get paid for what they do.  Because bills must be paid, and there is a certain satisfaction that comes from receiving a form of payment for a job well done.

What about the EGO?  Oh My!  That is a topic for a longer post.  Let me just say this about that.... Everyone has an ego - the ego can help us survive, and it can help us to be successful, overcome obstacles and strive to achieve goals... I am often mystified when people speak of the ego in purely negative terms.  We need a healthy ego to survive.  There are extremes of behavior, that is of course, human nature.  Instead of focusing on negative energy and thoughts; why not try seeking balance?  Because after all, none of us is perfect.  In our imperfections we are unique.  And often it is those quirks of "imperfection" that make us lovable to others, and sometimes even to ourselves.

Take care of yourselves.  Love yourself, love each other.  Be unconditional in that love... and be all encompassing in that love.  We are men and women by birth or by choice; we are human by genetics.  

Humanity is not a color, gender, religion, or political view.... it is all of those things and so much more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Helping Others Helps Yourself

I am sitting here with 2 fantastic ladies.  They have a business that I 110% believe in and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help them grow it.  I am giving them guidance to create their web presence by building a website, creating a blog and a ton of other SHAnanigans!  It is so much fun to see the little "ah-ha" moments as they are learning 1,000 steps with one step at a time.

I can't wait to see where they go next!!!

What I find by helping others:  I learn and grow too!  People ask questions in their learning that I may have never asked when I was learning.  And the camaraderie that comes from working on a project together always makes me smile.

If you have a skill, and you know someone who would benefit from the skill - give them a free few minutes of your time for no other reason than helping them grow on their journey.  I know it will make you smile.

You can check them out at

Monday, June 12, 2017

When No One is Looking

Who are you when no one is looking?  Do you even know?

We all put on different social masks to help us cope and get through certain situations in life.  And we do this also because we want people to perceive us to be a certain way.  Sometimes we are so good a wearing this mask, we forget who we truly are... and in our weakest moments our true self comes through... sometimes we are amazing... sometimes we are terrible people.

I recently was having talk with my son about this very thing, and it made me think... I haven't blogged in a while, this would be a good topic for thought.

I joke about putting on my "LoonWitch Hat" when I need to be out in public and in situations that make me feel nervous... because actually, I am kinda shy.  You'd never know it to meet me, because I put on that social mask to get me through the day when I have to be social with people.  But I often prefer my own company... or to just be in nature.

When you are faced with a choice of doing something, how is that decision made?  Do you choose the way that is right for the highest and best good of all involved?  Do you choose the way that is right exclusively for you?  Do you choose the way that will make you "look good" in the eyes of others around you?  Are you aware of why you are making the choice?

The best choice is the one that you can live with, the one that makes you feel safe, good, happy.  That is always the best choice.  Choosing for any other reason often leads to co-dependent behavior.  Don't create false expectations around who you are.  Be true to yourself.  That is the best example to set.

Love should always be free and unconditional.  But you must love yourself first if you are to love others.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Self Help or Help Yourself?

At the prime (mid-life) of life, I have read plenty of self help books - haven't we all?  I'm pretty sure this is the largest genre of books on the market.  And the other day I thought to myself, as I was listening to one of the many "self-help" books I own... how many times do we need to help ourselves, and instead we pick up another book aimed at self-help, read it, listen to it, and do nothing to follow through with it?

For me, that had changed a long time ago - I gave up searching for the book that was going to hold me by the hand and give me step by step directions on how to live my life.  Instead, I listen to the books, read the books, and LIVE MY LIFE.  I trust that my heart knows what it's doing, and that my head will keep me from getting into too much trouble.  Sometimes I feel like a walking affirmation.  My approach to life is simple - I love who I love, I make no excuses for my choices, they are after all my choices.  And I live my life to please myself.  If I end up pleasing others in the process, all is well.
I have learned which battles I am willing to fight, and which ones are worth the struggle.  I have learned to tell myself no, and to discipline myself.  I have learned over the course of my life that the only person I can truly count on is ME.  I am the only one who is living this life... those who I love and share my life with are living their own lives and are not accountable for my actions any more than I am accountable for theirs.  I stopped being in relationships with people that I wanted to FIX and with people who wanted to FIX ME - I am not a Coldplay song - I march to the beat of my own heart's rhythm - as we all should.

Since this transformation has taken all of my life, I can't say that there is an easy fix to living the life that you desire to live, except to just live it - one day at a time.  Rise up to the challenges set before you - be honest with yourself, be honest with those that you include in your life.  Love yourself, and make sure that the love you give is unconditional - meaning; it's OK to make mistakes, it's OK to not be perfect - no one really expects you to, so why do you expect this of yourself?  Life is what we make of it, and we attract like minded people into ours.

I am blessed with many diverse friends in my life - in fact - I was recently asked, "Who DON'T you know?"... a very good question.  I am open to the world - I joyful greet new people, smile and talk to them... this is how I know if I want to nurture those relationships into something more, or if I just want to have the experience of meeting that someone.  I acknowledge that every day is a gift worth receiving, and I embrace that gift fully.

Do I have bad days?  Of course!  No one can be sunshine and light every moment of every day - but those dark moods remind me to take stock of the things I am grateful for.  And then I realize that I am helping myself!

Help Yourself!  Nurture yourself, Love yourself, Be Patient with yourself, remember that if you aren't doing it for yourself, no one can do it for you.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finding Acceptance

Life is never easy all the time, and it's the ups and downs of life that make it worth living.  We learn from both ends of the spectrum, though we hope to fall in the middle most often - or at least, I hope to fall in the middle most often.  Feeling safe and settled, content with myself and my life are all I hope for.

But in my darker days of being a young single mother, being overweight, looking for the right love, and trying to pay my bills, etc. etc.. you know what I'm talking about... I struggled; like we all do.  And I am a person who loves music.  I love all different types of music... gospel, country, rock, alternative, rap, hip-hop, metal, folk, opera, big band, new age, etc.  There isn't a genre that I can't find at least one song in that makes me smile.  So I create a soundtrack of my life - there's almost always a song running through my head... and before I get too off the topic; those dark days, I found a song that became my theme song for many years, and my mantra still.

I am blessed to personally know the amazing woman who wrote and performs the song.  In a way that makes it even more special.

In the immortal words of Ms. Jenna Greene; "you need to find acceptance in yourself".  And a truer statement has rarely been made.  When I was in my stage of "becoming" who I am - in the pagan community, in my business, and in my heart - The song "Acceptance" really struck a cord with me.  It still brings me close to tears when I think about how we often see ourselves; not through the eyes of those who love us, rather, through the eyes of those who judge us.

I am very pleased to share this with you - because I see myself more often than not through the eyes of those who love me, and I very rarely feel judged....

I hope that you will give the song a little listen, and embrace the lyrics... find your theme song and carry on living the amazing life that you deserve!